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Re: Netscape Misson Control Desktop Roaming Access Schema in v3 form

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Elliot Metsger wrote:

> Does anyone have the Netscape roaming access schema in LDAP v3 form
> (defined in RFC 2252)?  I have visited Netscape's developer site
> (http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/index.html?content=directory.html)
> but have not had much luck converting them.
> If anyone has this resource, would you be able to post it to the list?

I guess you need to have a look at my homepage. I wrote my own schema file
and it works according to the documentation. (note: still limited use as
not all fields get stored)


Hugo van der Kooij; Oranje Nassaustraat 16; 3155 VJ  Maasland
hvdkooij@caiw.nl	http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~hvdkooij/
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