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Re: OpenLDAP setup

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000 rdrake@telusplanet.net wrote:

> 1) Is the distribution supposed to come with the following files:
slapd.oc.conf, slapd.at.conf, ldif2ldbm.  I can't find these files anywhere.

These files are  for OpenLDAP < 2.x and therefor not present with
OpenLDAP 2.x

You can find the proper reference from the slapd manual page:
       ldap(3), slapd.conf(5), slurpd(8)

> 2) Is it necessary to use ldif2ldm to create the database?  I try with
ldapadd (using the ldif below) and get a 'no such object' error.  

You must use ldapadd or slapadd where ldapadd is prefered because you can
work on an operational server where it is ill advised to use slapadd while
someone is using the LDAP server. You will find that slapadd is the
closest thing there is to a replacement of ldif2ldm.
> 3) Can I just add an entry as below first, or do I need to create some
sort of heirarchy first (ie. create an entry for dc=freecds, dc=org first)?
> My ldif file:
> dn: cn=My Name, dc=freecds, dc=org
> objectclass: inetorgperson
> cn: My Name
> sn: Name
> mail: myname@mail.com
> employeeNumber: 89
> description: My first Entry

Yes. You must start the hierarchy from the base you defined in you
slapd.conf file with the line:
	suffix          "dc=freecds, dc=org"

I suggest you read at least the following manual pages:

And keep in mind that OpenLDAP v1.2 is almost but not quite unlike
OpenLDAP v2.0 from the sysadm point of view.


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