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OpenLDAP setup

I am now thoroughly confused after reading a bunch of threads and faq-o-matics.  I have been following the administrators guide and I am getting a bunch of conflicting information.  I have dloaded openldap-2.0.6 and sleepycat 2.7.7.  The test suite ran fine.  Can someone please answer a few questions for me?  Maybe this could be made more clear in the Administrators Guide? Thanks in advance.

1) Is the distribution supposed to come with the following files: slapd.oc.conf, slapd.at.conf, ldif2ldbm.  I can't find these files anywhere.

2) Is it necessary to use ldif2ldm to create the database?  I try with ldapadd (using the ldif below) and get a 'no such object' error.  

3) Can I just add an entry as below first, or do I need to create some sort of heirarchy first (ie. create an entry for dc=freecds, dc=org first)?

My ldif file:
dn: cn=My Name, dc=freecds, dc=org
objectclass: inetorgperson
cn: My Name
sn: Name
mail: myname@mail.com
employeeNumber: 89
description: My first Entry