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RE: daemon: socket() failed errno=97... error message

At 06:22 PM 11/2/00 -0600, Jason Holland wrote:
>Sorry, I am running openldap 2.0.6.  Maybe I should give the cvs code a try?

Not unless you like getting bloody.

>Or try this post on the devel list?

No!  this is right list for asking software use questions

>Any ideas?

As far as the log message, configure detected IPv6 support
and built slapd accordingly... but your kernel is built
without IPv6 support... hence the log message.  It generally
can be ignored.  It likely is not related to your subsequent
problems.  As to what might be the cause of these subsequent
problems, the little information you provide doesn't lead
me to any conclusions.

>> hello all,
>>   currently, i'm doing some testing with openldap on a box running one of
>> the 2.4 test kernels, test 2.4.0-test10 to be exact on debian
>> woody.  I get
>> this error message in my ldap log, but I can still query the server
>> initally.
>> Nov  2 17:18:05 goofy slapd[7271]: daemon: socket() failed
>> errno=97 (Address
>> family not supported by protocol)
>> Nov  2 17:18:05 goofy slapd[7273]: slapd startup: initiated.
>> Nov  2 17:18:05 goofy slapd[7273]: slapd starting
>>   However, after leaving the box alone for a while, say 3 or 4
>> hours, slapd
>> stops returning any type of request and I get a "ldap_bind: Can't contact
>> LDAP server" error when i issue any command to bind to the
>> server.  Nothing
>> will fix it but a reboot.  Has anyone run into this??  I know for a fact
>> socket code has changed in the 2.4 series, has ldap been made "aware" of
>> this???  Thanks for any help.
>> Jason