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Re: OpenLDAP with Kerberos support


Though I don't recommend use of kpasswd (for security
reasons), the following builds OpenLDAP 2.0.6 and
Heimdal 0.3b.

I know, I'm just trying to get a simple installation up and running. I would like
eventually to go the GSSAPI route, but at the moment I just can't get that to

env CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/heimdal/include $CPPFLAGS"
  LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/heimdal/lib $LDFLAGS" \
  ./configure --enable-kpasswd

just find on my system.  Directory locations may differ and
you might have to add additional flags (such as to support
shared libraries).  Your mileage may vary.

See config.log for detection failure details...

Had to recompile kerberos without shared libraries to get the configuration of OpenLDAP to work. Compilation is now fine, but if I try to run any command with -k flag for Kerberos authentication I get the message:

        ldapsearch: not compiled with Kerberos support



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