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Re: Requirements for a 100,000 entries LDAP directory ...

Ernesto Burtre wrote:
> I'm planning to install an OpenLDAP server (v2) in a LINUX machine.
> I will create an LDAP directory with 100,000 entries with this kind of information:
>  I will be using "organizationalPerson" and "strongAuthenticationUser" objectclasses
>  (I will be storing certificates in LDAP).  I was thinking on 200 MB in my HD to store
> this information in LDAP.

Depending on the size of certificates, this could be enough. Certificates are usually
very large.

> I was thinking on a Pentim II o III PC with 256 MB RAM in order to get a good performance.

If you are searching in all of those fields, you will need more indexes, so you might
want to increase your RAM to 512Mb.

> Could anyone tell me what do you think about it ?

You should test based how much this directory will be used. You may (or may not) find
out that you will need two or more directory replcas to handle the load. Just offhand,
If the directory was only used 3 times by everybody in a single 8 hour day, that's only
10 searches per second, and that machine should be fine. However, if it was part of a
running application where every user was searching the directory 10 times per minute,
thats 16,666 searches per second. For that kind of load, you would want to set up multiple


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