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Re: free/non-free ladp servers comparizon

gcarter@valinux.com wrote:
> Ron Chmara wrote:
> > And put a link to /doc/admin/ on the homepage, for cryin out
> > loud...)
> Maybe I'm confused here, but...

You're not confused. I am. Right by the 2.0, there's a 2.0 manual....
I didn't go that route to get to the doc pages, because I was
looking for a manual that covered the version shipped on
my boxes. :-(

> <snipped from www.openldap.org/index.html
>      <TR>
>        <TD ALIGN="center"><I><B>OpenLDAP 2.0.6</B> is
>            <A HREF="software/download/">available</A>!</I><BR>
>            See also: <I><A HREF="doc/admin/">OpenLDAP 2.0
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>            Administrator's Guide</A></I>
>        </TD>
>      </TR>
>    </TABLE>

Is there no manual for the current stable version, then? Can those who
know the history back-port this documentaion, or add a changes section?


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