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Re: free/non-free ladp servers comparizon

Cliff Friedel wrote:
> I can tell you for a fact that we are seeing higher results than that with
> no caching.

Same here.... but in what environment? Localhost lookups? Remote lookups?

> We are running an ISP and using LDAP for authentication
> (using OpenLDAP) and are seeing 5-10 connections a second (at least
> accoring to the logs).  I really expect seeing even more than that.  As
> for AD, I really would like to see that.  I find it hard to believe a
> company like Novell, for example, would use OpenLDAP in its deployment of
> Netware 5.1 if AD was 200 times faster.  I think the tests were bought and
> paid for by the Gates Collective.

Now that's just silly. If they were, why does iPlanet come out as the


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