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Re: free/non-free ladp servers comparizon

Ron Chmara wrote:
> Well, after much digging, I found the tuning info I used (between 3
> websites, scrounging through mailing lists, etc.) , but I'd have to
> agree that it's not exactly comparable in documentation and tuning
> to oh, iPlanet DS,

And it's not comparable in prize. You get what you pay for.

> with happy pointy-clicky configuration,
> full manuals in an easy place online, etc. It still has that old
> open-source mindset of "You vill manually configure, und you vill
> enjoy it!". Maybe this will help inspire better documentation,
> setup instructions


You misunderstood Open Source completely!

If you feel that there's a strong need for a easy-configuration tool
and better documentation you should

1. jump on in and contribute or
2. if you can't do it yourself you can fund people which are capable
doing so. Either directly or by paying them for consulting services.


Ciao, Michael.