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Re: newbie Q: xfer of data

Thanks Jim,
  Like I said, it's kind of a "newbie" question.  I actually worked that
solution yesterday after learning about ldif files.  I think I've got it
down :-)
  I'm pretty much diving into LDAP head first & was wondering if someone had
some recommendations for books?  IBM has a redbook on general LDAP that I'm
going through now (Understanding LDAP, http://www.redbooks.ibm.com).
Searching amazon/bookpool/fatbrain for cluebooks has yielded few results.
"Implementing LDAP, ISBN: 1861002211", and "Understanding and Deploying Ldap
Directory Services, ISBN: 1578700701" were really the only hits there.  Any
recommendations?  Replies should probably be off-list as this strays from
the software realm...

Thanks again,
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Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 3:14 AM
Subject: Re: newbie Q: xfer of data

> Why not just use ldapsearch to produce an ldif file which you then use
> ldapadd?
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> Subject: newbie Q: xfer of data
> > Hello,
> >   I've spent a couple of days searching for a proggie or script that can
> > copy ldap records from one (non-openldap) server to another (openldap)
> > server.  Specifically, I'm trying to replicate a MS SiteServer/LDAP
> to
> > openldap so that I can move away from MS.  Is there such a program that
> can
> > dump records from one box & write them on another like slurpd?  OR:  Can
> > slurpd be tricked out to copy records from a box without a changelog?
> > rather not re-invent wheel.pl if it already exists.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Eric Fagan
> >
> >