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authenticating from netscape, take 2

well, after digging through a lot of mailing list posts i found out that
adding something like:

access to attr=mail
    by * search

access to attr=entry
    by * read

finally enabled netscape lo look up the DN for binding by itself and i do
get an entry. by the way, this solution was in one single email and it is
nowhere in any of the docs or the FAQ-o-matic on openldap.org.

next step is actually retrieving the full set of data. i did see one mailing
where a guy described the same problem: when you double-click on the listed
entry netscape goes back to the ldap server to retrieve the full entry.
BUT... it binds anonymously again, so all i get is the DN and nothing else.
searching the mailing list further provided no clue.

did anyone ever solve this one?




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