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Re: ldapsearch with telephoneNumber

At 06:36 PM 10/18/00 +0200, Rocío Walias wrote:
>    I'm trying to search telephoneNumber greater than others, then I use a
>filter like:
>                    telephoneNumber'>=' 983222222
>        but there's no response, am I using a bad search filter?


First, the syntax is (telephoneNumber>=983222222).  If
input via a command line argument, you need to escape or quote
special characters.

Second, telephoneNumber is defined in the standard track
specifications as:
  ( NAME 'telephoneNumber'
    EQUALITY telephoneNumberMatch
    SUBSTR telephoneNumberSubstringsMatch
    SYNTAX{32} )

Note the lack of an ORDERING matching rule.  Hence, the assertion
is Undefined.

>or is no
>possible to compare telephoneNumbers?

By equality and substrings, yes.