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Re: Problems with ldapsearch

Rocío Walias wrote:

> 'objectclass=s*' there's no response and there are objects  beginning with
> s, and the same if I use 'objectclass=*s*'. ¿What's wrong?

Rocío, the attribute type 'objectClass' is described in RFC2256 as:

    ( NAME 'objectClass' EQUALITY objectIdentifierMatch
      SYNTAX )

As you can see, there is no substring matching rule for objectclasses.
As such, your filter evaluates to undefined and no entry matches it.

This may seem bizarre and quite different to what other servers (including
prior versions of OpenLDAP) do but it is what is mandated by RFC2251 in
such situation.

This particular case traces back, I think, to X.500 where they did not
think necessary a substring match on objectclasses.  And they may be
right after all.

No substring matches on distinguished names hurts me more, though.