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Re: Basic SASL setup instructions

Someone suggested that Secure Password Authentication is NTLM which is
consistent because the method OE tries to use (137)  is the same as an
earlier post complained of re ADSI.

Have you actually used Outlook 98 with SSL and Login?  All other
combinations are OK in OE.

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Subject: RE: Basic SASL setup instructions

> For what it's worth, I've had no trouble connecting with Outlook 98. It
> connects successfully to slapd with or without SSL/TLS, and has no trouble
> searching for names and such. It doesn't seem to know about SASL, and I
> am curious about what Microsoft means by Secure Password Authentication.
> Note that Outlook behaves a little differently, you can enter a bind DN
> password in the configuration, so it just binds once, performs a search,
> then unbinds. Netscape binds anonymously to search for your bind DN (based
> on email address, by default), then tries to rebind as you to perform the
> desired search.
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> > On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Jim Hud wrote:
> > > I am sure you know better than me, I was jumping to
> > conclusions.  I thought
> > > SASL allowed different mechanisms and assumed that one of them
> > was supported
> > > by Netscape and Microsoft clients, what does MS Outlook Express
> > mean by "Log
> > > on using secure password authentication"?  It is separate from SSL
> > > Outlook Express crashes anyway.
> > Which OE version?
> > Villy