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RE: Basic SASL setup instructions

For what it's worth, I've had no trouble connecting with Outlook 98. It
connects successfully to slapd with or without SSL/TLS, and has no trouble
searching for names and such. It doesn't seem to know about SASL, and I too
am curious about what Microsoft means by Secure Password Authentication.

Note that Outlook behaves a little differently, you can enter a bind DN and
password in the configuration, so it just binds once, performs a search, and
then unbinds. Netscape binds anonymously to search for your bind DN (based
on email address, by default), then tries to rebind as you to perform the
desired search.

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> On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Jim Hud wrote:
> > I am sure you know better than me, I was jumping to
> conclusions.  I thought
> > SASL allowed different mechanisms and assumed that one of them
> was supported
> > by Netscape and Microsoft clients, what does MS Outlook Express
> mean by "Log
> > on using secure password authentication"?  It is separate from SSL where
> > Outlook Express crashes anyway.

> Which OE version?

> Villy