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Re: Basic SASL setup instructions

This is so confusing with all the possible permutations and combinations!!
It is a tenacity test, survival of the most stubborn stickers.

> I didn't realize that Netscape and Microsoft clients had
> implemented any SASL authentication methods yet.  I'm under
> the impression they only support simple bind, but that they
> did support this over both LDAP and LDAP over SSL.

I am sure you know better than me, I was jumping to conclusions.  I thought
SASL allowed different mechanisms and assumed that one of them was supported
by Netscape and Microsoft clients, what does MS Outlook Express mean by "Log
on using secure password authentication"?  It is separate from SSL where
Outlook Express crashes anyway.

> Note that client's TLS (SSL) certificate is not used establish
> LDAP authorization unless the client requests a SASL/EXTERNAL
> bind.
I could not get that to work so compiled without Cyrus.

> BTW, the test user "uid=test,dc=openldap,dc=org" w/
> password "secret" is now available for testing purposes
> at ldap://ldap.openldap.org/ & ldaps://ldap.openldap.org/

> >but I need the LDAP database to hold the id's and passwords.
> >
> >How can I help this along by adding my efforts?
> By enquiring on the developer's list.
Will do.