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Re: Basic SASL setup instructions

At 09:21 AM 10/17/00 +0100, Jim Hud wrote:
>>The don't bother with userPassword...  setup up Cyrus SASL.
>>Make sure it works (using Cyrus provided sample client and server
>>and -s "ldap").  Then use same mechanism, authentication identities,
>>secrets with slapd.
>Does this mean that the userids and user passwords are not/cannot be held in
>the LDAP database at the server end?

You can store a password in userPassword.  Simple bind will use it.
SASL/PLAIN may use it as well if you configure Cyrus SASL to use
an LDAP-enabled pwcheckd or LDAP-enabled PAM.

For SASL/DIGEST-MD5, slapd currently relies on Cyrus SASL to
maintain the secret in its SASLdb.  This allows slapd to share
the same user/secret database as other application protocol