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I get an error message when i try to start Apache (1.3.12) : "apachectl start" on a linux system (Mandrake7.0 / i386).
I am installing IMP with PHP4.0.2 and MYSQL and IMAP 4.7.c and finally OpenLDAP 1.2.11: all was going good
before installing LDAP !
I have installed LDAP succesfuly and made some tests that seems ok (with netscape messenger of course , Outlook Express seems not to be compliant with OpenLDAPv2 ! ).
I have compiled ok PHP4 whith the mod-ldap and that's OK.
But now , when i try to start APACHE i get this error message :
"Undifined symbol ldap_value_free"
What happen ??
Another question less important is : Is Outlook Express of Microsoft IE5 working with OpenLDAP 1.2.11, and how to configure it ??
Xavier Poirier
Techn. CH Bourg en Bresse.