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Re: DSE Root/first entry

At 10:29 AM 10/13/00 +0100, Konstantin Chuguev wrote:
>I could not find anything about root naming context implementation in LDAP.

RFC 2252 has a few comments regarding handling of the Root DSE,
but nothing about handling of the root naming context.  This is
best described in X.500 Recommendations.

> Nor in OpenLDAP.
>Is there any documentation?

Very little, if any.

>You say that with OpenLDAP we should be able to manage suffix "" and first level entries, only
>a bug prevents it. I would like to help to find the bug. Can I know the details please.

Basically, one needs to special case a base DN "" search
such that it the search "locates" the base.  Then likely
the DN index subsystem would need to be adjusted.

There are some changes in HEAD which might help... they
need to be tested and any other issues raised, discussed,
and resolved.