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Re: DSE Root/first entry

At 11:41 AM 10/12/00 +0200, Polidar, Volker wrote:
>Dear friends,
>I have installed the openLDAP 2.12 . Now I want to build an DIT for my Project, like this:
>Root DSE
>       !
>       !------ DE
>       !          !
>       !          !---- company
>       !          ...
>       !
>       !------ US
>       !          !
>       !          !---- company
>       !          ...
>       !------ GB
>       !          !
>       !          !---- company
>       !          ...
>      ....

Note that root DSE is technically in the a different plane than
than object DSEs.   In a server which holds the root naming context,
there no object DSE named with an empty DN.  When you do a search
upon an empty DN, the handling is dependent upon the scope.  If
you request scope base, you get the root DSE.  If request scope
one-level, you get all the top level objects.  If you request
scope subtree, you get all object entries but NOT the root DSE.

See a good LDAP and/or X.500 for details....

>But I don't know how to configure the Root DSE in the slapd.conf file.
>In the slapd.conf file I have set the parameter suffix: suffix ""

>My test.ldif file looks like this:
>Error Code: entry 1 has no dn

An object DSE cannot have empty DN.  This is an error.

>Is there any posibility to built a DIT with the first entry Root DSE?

You cannot directly specify the contents of the Root DSE.  The
Root DSE is not part of any naming context.

A more appropriate is "how to I configure the LDBM backend to
hold the root naming context?"

You *should* be able to add top-level entries.  However,
IIRC, there is a bug which prevents you from doing such.  A
workaround would be to list each top-level DN as a suffix.