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Problem upgrading to 2.0.6


i'm trying to upgrade OpenLDAP 1.2.11 that came installed with RedHat 7.0 to
2.0.6 using rpm but hit the following error messages.

would appreciate if someone can advice where I 've gone wrong and what is
the correct way to apply the upgrade.


#rpm -Fvh openldap-2.0.6-1.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
 openldap = 1.2.11-15 is needed by openldap-clients-1.2.11-15
 openldap = 1.2.11 is needed by openldap-devel-1.2.11-15
 openldap = 1.2.11-15 is needed by openldap-servers-1.2.11-15
 liblber.so.1 is needed by am-utils-6.0.4s5-8
 liblber.so.1 is needed by sendmail-8.11.0-8
 liblber.so.1 is needed by auth_ldap-1.4.3-2
 liblber.so.1 is needed by autofs-3.1.5-5
 liblber.so.1 is needed by nss_ldap-113-2
 liblber.so.1 is needed by php-ldap-4.0.1pl2-9
 liblber.so.1 is needed by xemacs-21.1.12-3
 libldap.so.1 is needed by am-utils-6.0.4s5-8
 libldap.so.1 is needed by sendmail-8.11.0-8
 libldap.so.1 is needed by auth_ldap-1.4.3-2
 libldap.so.1 is needed by autofs-3.1.5-5
 libldap.so.1 is needed by nss_ldap-113-2
 libldap.so.1 is needed by php-ldap-4.0.1pl2-9
 libldap.so.1 is needed by xemacs-21.1.12-3