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Re: Server-side sizelimit

At 05:06 PM 10/7/00 +0100, Philip Mayers wrote:
>Hmm. You're right, it's correct, but is it desireable to do that? I'd quite
>like (read - really like) no server-side sizelimit at all. Is this a major
>problem with OpenLDAP's structure, or should I begin looking at the source?

It should be fairly easy to change... have at it.

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>Subject: Re: Server-side sizelimit
>> At 12:02 PM 10/5/00 +0100, Mayers, Philip J wrote:
>> >I want to have no server-side sizelimit. Setting "sizelimit 0" in
>> >appears to allow no entries to be returned.
>> Yes... I believe that's consistent with what the slapd.conf(5) says.
>> >I've set it to a large value, but there must be a better way than that, I
>> Nope.