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Re: many many problems!!!!!!!! pls help!!!!!!

At 12:27 AM 10/7/00 +0800, IMS wrote:
>i am new in openldap....
>i have several questions and want someone can answer me.....
>1. is there any methods that i can no need to config the "server root" setting of outlook or netscape in order to let client to access the server. as i found that i need to enter for eg. "o=mycompany" to the server root setting.. otherwise i cannot search anything......

see defaultSearchBase in slapd.conf(5)

>2. is there any methods can let user to edit their attribute by outlook or netscape and then save to the database in the server as i find that even i add the "defaultaccess write" to the slapd.conf file, it still cannot let me to edit.... i have no any access list in the conf file.....

Most address book clients are read-only....
Adding "defaultaccess write" is generally a bad idea.

>3. is the method for the server recognize the user belongs to which department by the login name and password ..... that mean if the user use the login name belongs to sale's department, then the server will assume that that user is a sale and will apply the sale's rule to him. is that true??????
>4. i found that i need to enter the full dn: for a username entry in outlook inorder to login... eg, i need to enter "cn: chris, ou=programmer, o=company" for the username.... is that true i need to enter this long long name...

simple bind requires specification of the user's DN....

>5. i want to know the follows meanings:
>a. the top objectclass

The 'top' object class is the root object in the superclass chain.
See any decent LDAP or X.500 book for details.

>b. the use of "index" , pres, eq, sub, approx......

Tells the server to maintain indices to aid in performing
search operations.  The keywords are indicative of the
assertion choice they are used for (presence, equality,
substrings, approximate; respectively).

>c. the use of suffix.....

Configured a backend database to hold entries at and below the

>d. the use of ldap.conf, any setting i need to pay attention????

You can ignore ldap.conf until you sort out more basic issues.