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ldapsearch question

Hugo van der Kooij's web site
http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~hvdkooij/Netscape_and_OpenLDAP_v2/using.html says:

4. Using LDAP with Netscape
4.1. Verifying the database
You should now verify the content of the LDAP adatabase by isuing a command
like: ldapsearch -D "cn=Manager,dc=vanderkooij,dc=org" -W

The output should be similar to the LDIF data we inserted.

but my SuSE 6.4 running 2.0.4 does not give any data unless -b
'dc=domain,dc=com' is added.

If I query another ldapd server (Microsoft Exchange 5.5) then I get all the

What is happening here?