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Re: LDAP API problems (possible duplicate)

At 01:34 PM 10/4/00 -0700, Jeffrey P. Carter wrote:
>I apologize if this is a duplicate message, but I
>don't see my previous message in the archive.

Give the cron job a chance to run...

>I'm having problems with ldap_search_s() in the
>2.0.4 API.  I'm using Netscape's 4.11 LDAP server and
>when I try to get large attribute values out of the
>directory, the ldap_search_s call fails and returns

Check the server logs for details.

>This despite the fact that
>LDAP_NO_LIMIT using the ldap_set_option() call.

Server may enforce restrictions beyond those requested
by the client.  However, the result code LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED
is meant to be returned with the result set contains too
many entries regardless of number of attributes, values, and
their sizes or combined size.

>have no problems when I search for an attribute with
>a small value like cn.  The value I'm trying to get,
>though, is around 1MB.  I haven't yet established
>what the "cutoff" might be.

>Further, this problem can also be duplicated using the
>ldapsearch command-line tool.  I'm certain I'm not
>getting a referral back and that only a single entry
>is being returned by the search.  With the debug level
>set at 255 on the ldapsearch tool, it reports that
>ber_get_next failed.

A ber_get_next failure is not necessarily an error.

>I was wondering if this is a known problem and if
>there is a workaround?

The obvious work around is "don't do that"...