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Re: Problem with "mail" attribute

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Carlos Bote wrote:

> I'm new to ldap and i having problems while adding an attribute. I can't add
> the "mail" attribute to a person. (others classic attrib ok)
> It returns an error that says (in output):
> "ldap_add: Object class violation additional info: attribute not allowed "

You can only use mail as attribute if you defined the objectclass
inetOrgPerson. For which you need to add the inetorgperson.schema as well
to your configuration.

I find grep a great tool to find such issues in the schema files. Just
goto the schema directory and type:
	grep -n mail *.schema|grep -v :# > mail-in-schema

And then read the mail-in-schema file to find the references of your


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