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OpenLDAP v2.0 - problem with ldapadd

I am in the process of upgrading from OpenLDAP v1.2 to OpenLDAP
v2.0.  I have noticed a difference in the way the ldapadd utility 
is behaving.

In my slapd.conf file I have the suffix and root dn defined as follows:

suffix      "o=Projects, dc=aersoft, dc=ie"
rootdn      "o=Projects, dc=aersoft, dc=ie"

when I attempt to add my first entry to the directory which in LDIF
format is:

dn: o=Projects, dc=aersoft, dc=ie
dc: ie
dc: aersoft
o:  Projects
objectclass: top
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization

I get the following error: 

ldap_add: Invalid syntax
        additional info: multiple values provided

Removing either of the "dc" lines and the ldapadd command works. This
did not happen in version 1.2  Does anybody know why there is a
difference ?  I'm suspecting that it is down to the change in the way
the schemas are now defined. 
Is it reasonable to assume that I should be able to include both "dc"
lines in the LDIF file i.e. I want to have two "dc" attributes in the
I notice in the quick start guide that only one "dc" line is included in
the example but is this okay even though the DN for the entry has two ?

Any help would be appreciated.