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It depends upon how you want to use RDF. If you want to merge LDAP content
into an RDF schema like the Dublin Core, you might look at DSML
(http://www.dsmg.org); it is a standard for representing LDAP entries as
XML. It's intended primarily as an interchange format (like LDIF, I guess)
between directory servers, but I've been thinking that it could be adapted
to mix RDF and LDAP.

But I think what you're after is some way to translate RDF schemas into LDAP
schemas and vice versa, or maybe produce both from a single source, correct?
That's more challenging, because RDF has a more flexible schema language.
Ditto for XML Schema. You'd have to let the lowest common denominator drive

This would be a logical application of XSLT (XML stylesheets). You could
write a stylesheet that translates from XML Schema to RDF schema definitions
and LDAP schema definitions simultaneously, for example.


>  Hi.
>  I was hoping that some one might have tried implementing RDF and LDAP
>  somehow. To be honest I am not to sure what it is that I want to
>  do other than have some sort of directory of an rdf concept map
>  that I can query. There certainly are some similarities between
>  rdf and ldap although I am not sure if an ldap directory can cope
>  with multiple inheritance?  There is a way around that problem I
>  think.
>  Has any one tried using rdf and ldap together and if so do you know
>  of any good resources that I might be able to look at.
>  Steve
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