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stumped: setting up SASL+GSSAPI

Okay, I've been banging my head against Kerberos and OpenLDAP for the last
week, and I declare utter defeat. Learned more about Kerberos than I wanted
to know along the way, and successfully Kerberized my Linux box (telnet etc.
now use GSSAPI to authenticate). I'm working on a (LONG!) HOWTO that I plan
to contribute when done, but though I'm almost there, I still can't get it
to authenticate. For example, if I enter:

kinit [ enter username and password; log into Kerberos ]
ldapsearch -I

it prompts me for my username, then says

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Can't contact LDAP server

which is not true, because "ldapsearch -x" (plain authentication) works just
fine--the LDAP server is up and functioning. Furthermore, if I do a klist, I
can see GSSAPI added the credentials for "ldap@horatio.amberarcher.com" to
my local ticket cache, so Kerberos successfully logged me in.

Here's my config:

* vanilla Red Hat Linux 6.1
* Kerberos 5-1.1 configured with --enable-shared --without-krb4
* Cyrus  SASL 1.5.24 configured with --disble-krb4 --enable-gssapi
    --disable-cram --disable-digest
* OpenLDAP 2.0.4 configured
with --with-cyrus-sasl --with-tls --enable-spasswd

I've started krb5kdc and slapd, and the KDC has a principal and keytab entry
for "host/horatio.amberarcher.com" and "ldap/horatio.amberarcher.com" (else
it would not have gotten so far as to authenticate). I think I'm very close
to getting this to work, so I appreciate any help you can give me!

FYI, I tried recompiling Cyrus SASL with its own debug flag set in config.h
to produce more debugging information, but since it does succeed (debug
prints "GSS_S_COMPLETE" right before it bombs out), I'm not sure the
problem's there. I turned on debugging with -d 5 on ldapsearch, and didn't
find out anything useful. I tried going through the code and (because my C's
rusty) could not even find the exact spot where it's printing that message!

Thanks in advance.


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