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hi... a problem

I am a bit new to all this.
I am not even sure if I have come to the right place with my query so
kindly bear with me.

I am trying to setup a Linux/qmail server which must be able to
access/update the global address list from an exchange server (i.e. do

I have setup openldap on the linux box. There is supposed a ldap/qmail
patch which can get the data into qmail from openldap. So first step is
to get the data ino openldap from the exchange server. Went through the
documentation. There was stuff about master-slave replication, but
well... it is for slapd.
I couldn't manage to find anything on the net.

I thought of making a program to query the data from exchange and parse
it into ldif format for openldap... but I need automatic replication.

Could any of you guys guide me ?  Is there any site/link on the net
which can provide some guidance for doing this ?


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