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Re: Build error ud kerberosIV/des.h

At 10:36 AM 9/28/00 +0200, Michael Ströder wrote:
>Disclaimer: I'm a SASL and Kerberos newbie!
>I'm trying to build a OpenLDAP 2.0.4 test server with Kerberos and
>SASL stuff. I installed the krb5-1.2.1 and cyrus-sasl-1.5.24
>./configure \
>  --prefix=/usr/local/openldap2 \
>  --enable-kpasswd \
>  --enable-kbind \
>  --with-cyrus-sasl \
>  --with-kerberos \
>  --with-readline \
>  --with-threads \
>  --with-tls \
>  --disable-ipv6 \
>  --enable-spasswd \
>  --enable-phonetic \
>  --enable-aci
>finds all necessary stuff. The build of servers/ works also.
>Building clients/ works except clients/ud/ fails (see below).

This is a bug...  IIRC, it's been reported previously (and likely
'suspended' pending help from a Kerberos coder).  (Volunteers to
devel list please).

>How can I disable building ud? I don't need it. I just need the
>server and standard tools and be able to make install without ud/.

Remove ud from SUBDIRS in clients/Makefile.in and run ./config.status
from top or you can hack clients/Makefile directly.