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RE: Mapping fields with Microsoft.

Can someone give me a sanity check for Note #4 in the How Do LDAP Attributes
Map to Address Book Fields "Notes" from the FAQ?

Does Note 4 really say that I need to deliniate newlines with $ instead od
"\n", in the Outlook address fields!?

I'm using Mozilla:LDAP:Conn to create a CGI web entry screen for LDAP data.
Do I really need to parse $'s in for newlines in the Street Address textarea
form field?


Mike C

(4) Replaces embedded "$"s with line separators, displaying as separate
    in scrollable region.

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Mike Coughlan wrote:
> and found that I can indeed pull up my LDAP records for
> viewing in Outlook, great!  However, I have found that Microsoft only
> recognizes these records.

Search for "outlook" in the FAQ-O-MATIC on http://www.openldap.org/

Ciao, Michael.