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Re: help me..?

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Isa de Moniq wrote:

>I am not using OpenLDAP...
>Im using the Netscape Directory Server-thingie..
>right now the only access i hve to the LDAP is as the directory manager with 
>the Netscape server console.
>I know how to use Java, even tho my knowledge is limited....
>hmm.. thanks for the link.
>now i atleast know where to start.

Keep in mind that with iPlanets Directory server, in a default database
structure, that the bind dn shall be

    and not usually documented format of
"cn=root, o=blahblah, c=US"

Search base will be the same so for example, connecting to an OpenLDAP
server this may work,

$ldapsearch -h openldap.internal.net -b "o=blahblah, c=US" -D "cn=root, o=blahblah, c=US" -w secretpassword "(objectclass=*)"

on iPlanets Directory Server the same will work but slightely different,

$ldapsearch -h netscape.internal.net -b "o=blahblah, c=US" -D "cn=root" -w secretpassword "objectclass=*"

Also iPlanets Directory Server does not default to port 389 but 26530
so the above Netscape ldapsearch example will probably become this,

$ldapsearch -h netscape.internal.net -p 26530 -b "o=blahblah, c=US" -D "cn=root" -w secretpassword "objectclass=*"

Furthermore just another dealio, you can get by it, but as I was programming
a back-end controller and with support for OpenLDAP and iPlanets Directory
Server, Netscape defaults SHA-1 encoding for the userpassword attribute, don't
panic, you can test a password if it will bind to the directory, and or if
you wan't to really make sure the password is correct then, look on developer.
netscape.com and look up SHA, its opensource, and they have a Java example to
encode and compare hash's.  I had to write it in C :)  

Netscapes Directory server supports Plain Text/(S)SHA-1/Crypt/MD5 encodings
for it's userpassword attributes.  Default is SHA.  If you want to do
development for this Server, also make sure you install the SDK as provided
by iPlanet.

Hope this helps, I spent an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't bind
to the base directory.  :)

Jaron Omega