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Configuration Query


I apologise for the confusing nature of this question. I am looking into a
possible replacement for our OS2 Server infrastructure and Open LDAP on
Linux has been suggested as a possible solution. The model I am looking for
is a Linux server running LDAP to handle authentication, interacting with
other Linux servers with shares setup in Samba. I have setup the shares on
a test Linux box and can connect into it directly (by doing a net use to
the share).

What I want to do though is have the access controlled by the Open LDAP
srever. I have setup another server and it is running SLDAP. And I have
defined some users within the SLAPD.conf. Now I am stuck. How do I link the
servers together? Does the File Server (Samba) need a client version of
LDAP running? Or can I define the "Samba" shares on the server running
SLDAP; if so how do I do this?

I hope that wasn't too confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

Stuart Blake
Distributed Systems Infrastructure Support
IBM Global Services
Internet: sblake@uk.ibm.com
tel: 01475 895417 or 25417 (Internal)