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Re: Installing 2.0.3 - configuration of LDBM (BerkeleyDB), Linux

At 12:25 PM 9/20/00 -0700, Mark Whitehouse wrote:
>I am attempting to install OpenLDAP 2.0.3 on RH Linux 6.2.
>I noticed in the install instructions that BerkeleyDB is the recommended
>LDBM backend.  I downloaded the lastest version 3.1.17 and installed (using
>default options).  It appears to have installed in
>When I build OpenLDAP do I need to specify any configuration options to use
>BerkeleyDB or will it find it automatically?

configure detects only what can be found in your environment.
Adjust your environment as needed.  See the Admin Guide for
details: http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/