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My own schema!!!

Hi All,
    I have to write my own schema for my own organizational data.

On a particular level, I have enteries for transportation companies. The
have their own different set of attribute types and thus I defined an object
class for them.

Let it be MyTransportCompany

Do I need to inherit the MyTransportCompany from organization objectclass
define in core.schema

I need to ask is there any advantage of inheriting it from organization
objectclass??? Advantage like handling password values, etc.

If there is no such advantage then can I directly inherit MyTransportCompany
from top objectclass instead.

I, of course, know that I need to define my own attribute sets for this. I
have no probs defining all attribute sets b'coz I want my own names of the
attribute types and not the ones that are in the organization object class.

Thanx in advance!!!
Ravi Mittal