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DN backwards in NetMeeting?

Hi -

I'm trying to get NetMeeting 2.1 to work with OpenLDAP 1.2.9.  I
searched the mailing lists and found Peter Linden's posting from last
year with sample NetMeeting configs.  I haven't been able to get them
working, though, and the ordering of RDNs in the DN seems to be causing
the problem.

Here's what my debug traces show:

do_add: ndn

Note that the DN begins with a "C=" item.  The examples from the
OpenLDAP Admin Guide, while mostly "DC=" based, all pretty much imply
that the top-level names appear at the end of the DN.  Furthermore, the
code shows a bunch of suffix checks, but no prefix checks.

I end up with a string of messages like:

=> dn2id(

All of which fail.

So, is it possible to start a DN with a "C=" item?  If so, how should I
structure my database to allow this object to be added?

Any ideas what's going on here?


                                        Brent Baccala