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Re: rootDSE

At 12:49 AM 9/8/00 -0400, Igor Brezac wrote:
>On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Looks like I misread the question.  This answer applies to:
>>   Do you know how to create and modify information IN the root DSE?
>My apology for the confusion.  This is the question that I'd like to find
>an answer to.

That's the question I answered.  The answer is OpenLDAP 2.0
does not allow LDAP modify nor provides any configuration
directive to directly create or modify information in the
root DSE.

The contents are, however, derived from a variety
of factors to which you may control over.  For example,
namingContexts is controlled by the suffix directive and
the listing of the StartTLS OID as a supportedExtension
value is controlled by --with-tls.

>I made a poor assumption that the root DSE has an empty dn. 

There is nothing poor about that assumption.  The root DSE
is named with an empty DN.

>Solaris 8 has a native support for nss_ldap and it works correctly, at
>least it does with the netscape directory server.  I'd like to use
>OpenLDAP instead. :)  The program that initialises ldap client machines
>(ldapclient) retrieves information from the root DSE.

Hopefully it's using the root DSE to discover the supported
features so that it can optimize it's use of LDAP...