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Re: [Fwd: track time]

Quoting Edwin Roos <eroo@oce.nl>:
>I've installed openldap 1.2.11 on a Linux debian 2.2 distribution. What
>I would like is that the slapd controls the modifiersName,
>modifyTimestamp, creatorsName, and createTimestamp attributes for the
>entries added/modified in the directory. I have set the lastmod
>parameter in slapd.conf to on, but somehow, when I add something and do
>a search, I don't see any of the attributes.

If you simply do an LDAP search you may not see the "meta-data" attributes such
as creatorsname. Try asking for the attributes specifically.  I don't remember
where I read this, so something may have changed, but it's worth a try.

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