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How to construct private classes/attributes with LDAP v3?

With OpenLDAP v2.0 out i want to switch ASAP from 1.x to 2.0 (because i
need TLS and LDAPS).  But i have a problem here: because our site uses
a commercial FAX server which relies on certain non-standard LDAP attributes
i need to extend the schema.  With OpenLDAP that was easy: i created a
class ukmzPerson which essentially is inetOrgPerson with the additional

AFAICT LDAPv3 requires unique OIDs for each class attribute.  How do
i construct these? Is there a private OID space (like the private IP
addresses for networking) which i could use?

I have to admit i am totally clueless here and will gladly accept
any form of enlightment. ;-)

  Dominik Kubla
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