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OpenLDAP and a clustered mail solution.

Hi fellas,

I work for a medium sized ISP we are currently loooking to replace our dying
mail server with a clustered solution. We are hoping to have an LDAP server
to do authorization for mail first of all and secondly radius. The radius
portion of things is at a later date. I am tasked with the LDAP portion of
this clustered mail server and so far haven't been real successfull. I am
wondering if any of the kind souls on this list might have some insight on
how to go about implementing LDAP in this role particularily in the context
of connecting to a mysql server which I understand from reading this lists
archives is not A.) Trivial and/or B.) efficient.  I would really like to
speak to someone that has implemented this kind of thing so I can avoid all
the gotcha's.