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RE: search speed


a few things that I found pretty effective were:

Do not use syslog to log LDAP messages to instead setup logging in a
separate file.

Reduce the level of logging for slapd.

And of course re-indexing the database etc which you have already done.

I found that adjusting the logging parameters was the most effective thing
to do. I was running this "test" server on a 486 DX2 and I managed to get
the response time from around 2 seconds down to less than half a second!


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> Subject: search speed
> Hi,
> I'm developing a web based ldap application where I need to
> do 4-5 searches
> to build my webpage. The searches I do are all base searches,
> that only
> return one entry. I'm using Perldap and I cannot get the
> search time below
> 100 miliseconds for each search. For comparison, I've tested Netscapes
> Directory Server that performs about 10-20 times faster,
> completing each of
> my searches at about 5-10 miliseconds. I've tried to increase
> the cache, to
> index attributes but it doesn't seem to help. Does anybody
> have a clue as to
> how I can improve OpenLdap's searchtime.
> /Tonny