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Re: opendldap 2.0-gamma problem

At 10:38 AM 8/25/00 +0800, Jerry Han wrote:
>> At 12:45 PM 8/24/00 +0800, Jerry Han wrote:
>> >When I'm tring to build openldap 2.0-gamma on RedHat 6.2 and Solaris 2.6,
>> >the following problem have been founded.
>> >1. On redhat 6.2, the 'make test' become very very slow, but solaris are
>> >I have try to configure with and without thread support, but still very
>> >slow.
>> Likely do so some local system configuration defect...
>I use these options on configure the build.
>./configure --enable-crypt --disable-ldap --disable-sql --without-threads --
>without-tls --without-cyrus-sasl
>My linux box have no problem with openldap 1.2.x, but the 2.0 gamma.

What compiler are using?  What flags?
What version of BerkeleyDB (or GDBM) are using?
Is your system IPv6 enabled?
Is localhost configured properly? ipv6?
Is domain name system configured properly?  reverse lookups?  ipv6?
Is it any specific test?  all tests?

As you might have gather from the above questions, I'm just
grasping at straws.  I haven't seen this behavior and no one
else has reported it, so you'll need to dig about and help
us help you.

>> >2. On solaris, every thing are fine, but the configuration option
>> >'schemacheck off' does not work at all.
>> "schemacheck off" only disables checks to ensure an entry has
>> the required/allowed attributes.  That is, you should not
>> be getting any objectClassViolation errors.  However, you may
>> get any number of other errors.
>So, I cannot add any attributes that have not defined in schema define file
>even if the schemacheck set to off.

schemacheck off, just like in 1.2, only disables object class
violation checks.

>But using OpenLDAP 1.2.x, I can do this.

In 1.2, no attribute type was ever viewed as undefined.  This
behavior is inconsistent with the LDAPv3/X.500 specifications
and hence was not carried forward into 2.0.