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Re: opendldap 2.0-gamma problem

At 12:45 PM 8/24/00 +0800, Jerry Han wrote:
>When I'm tring to build openldap 2.0-gamma on RedHat 6.2 and Solaris 2.6,
>the following problem have been founded.
>1. On redhat 6.2, the 'make test' become very very slow, but solaris are ok.
>I have try to configure with and without thread support, but still very

Likely do so some local system configuration defect...

>2. On solaris, every thing are fine, but the configuration option
>'schemacheck off' does not work at all.

"schemacheck off" only disables checks to ensure an entry has
the required/allowed attributes.  That is, you should not
be getting any objectClassViolation errors.  However, you may 
get any number of other errors.