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Openldap 2.0 gamma and nis.schema


I'm new to this list so i'm sorry if the question as already been asked (but i
didn't see anything in the archives).

I have a little problem with openldap 2.0 gamma with some schemas : when I
start slapd, I have an error message :
/usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/nis.schema: line 84: Syntax not found:

If we look in the nis.schema file we see that all but nisNetgroupTriple
attribute have a SYNTAX beginning with and
nisNetgroupTriple has a SYNTAX of I think it's not the good
value, but, which one is the good one ?

bootParameter has also a problem, with a SYNTAX of SYNTAX

Can someone help me resolve the problem ?


Frédéric Dubuy <f.dubuy@atrid.fr>
Atrid - Services et applications en informatique libre