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Re: openldap 2.0-gamma installation

At 10:13 AM 8/23/00 +0100, John Mc Auley wrote:
>  i have downloaded and extracted the openldap 2.0 gamma distribution files, i am trying to install this with an the sql backend which is 
>  my reason for using the gamma version, 
>  i am installing it on solaris 5.6, and came across a problem on ./configure --enable-sql and got this error message 
>  installation or configuration problem : C compiler cannot create executables 

This is usually the result of an inconsistent environment or
improper use of environment variables.  In particular, CC should
be the name of the C translator (normally 'cc' or 'gcc').  If
you need to pass arguments to the C translator, use CFLAGS.

config.log should provide details regarding the tests which
resulted in the above message.

>  i solved this by env CC="gcc -ansi -pedantic" ./configure --enable-sql 

-ansi is generally not needed.  -pedantic should only be used
by developer's actively detecting and removing lint.  And the
options, if desired, should be specified using CFLAGS, e.g:
        env CC=gcc CFLAGS="-ansi -pedantic" ./configure ...

As far as the compile warnings/errors you were seeing, I suggest
trying without "-ansi -pedantic".