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Re: Trouble implementing a hierarchial namespace

"Michael J. Maravillo" wrote:
>> ldapadd -D 'cn=Manager,dc=lincom,dc=no' -W -f psudoaccounts.ldif
>> exits with the following error message:
>>       ldap_add: No such object
>> Obviously, I've done something wrong :-)
> Somewhere maybe, but not from the config and ldif files
> you sent. :)  I tested in on 1.2.11 using your set of
> configs and I didn't get any error.

The OpenLDAP maintainers have probably implemented BTP (Beer Transfer
Prorocol), which kicks in every Friday, because it worked when I tried
it yesterday (and I didn't change a thing)...

Thanx anyway...

Ørnulf Nielsen
Linux Communications AS