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Re: A few questions

At 08:06 AM 8/21/00 -0700, Iddyamadom Santhoshkumar wrote:
>I am using OpenLdap 1.2.11 and have a few questions
>1. Does this version support Attribute Aliasing ?


>   If not, will it be there in OpenLdap 2.0 ?


>2. The way to add ACL in this version is adding 
>   "access" statements in slapd.conf. Like
>   Netscape Directory Server is there a way to 
>   add ACL statements in LDIF files so that nothing
>   needs to be added in slapd.conf. (If there is a way
>   for that it will solve my problem of not to 
>   restart slapd after adding entries.)

In 1.2, no.  You should design your ACLs such that
constant editing of your slapd.conf is not necessary.
Regular expressions are your friends.

>   Will it be present in OpenLdap 2.0 ? (ACL
>   in LDIF files)

2.0 will support some optional in-directory ACI

>3. Will there be a major performance difference
>   by using a single threaded OpenLdap compared to 
>   multi-threaded OpenLDAP in Solaris ? 

Likely.  Of course, 1.2 doesn't support preemptive

>   Is OpenLDAP2.0 planning to take care of this ?

2.0 will support preemptive threads and thread pools.
Pools should significantly reduce threading overhead.

>4. My understanding is that next version of OpenLdap 
>   is 2.0)Can someone point me to OpenLDAP 2.0 
>   feature list ?