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Re: If I change my ldbm-api, do I have to convert my files?

> From:  "Chris Garrigues" <cwg-oldap-sw@DeepEddy.Com>
> Date:  Fri, 11 Aug 2000 10:35:41 -0500
> Except for having to rebuild my indices, that was basically it and my problem 
> seems to really be solved this time (I hope).
> So, in summary, what I've done is to rebuild openldap to use both pth and gdbm 
> instead of linuxthreads and db2, and I've rebuilt my databases.  (or, more 
> accurately, I'm going to be rebuilding the databases on all my servers through 
> the rest of the day by hand because I'm kinda scared of trying to automate 
> this since all my automation stuff tends to rely on ldap working.

Just as a follow-up, I wanted to say that my problem is solved, and it also 
"feels" faster although I have no data to back up that feeling.

I assume this is gdmb vs db2 that's made the performance difference.  Has 
anybody done any benchmarking to compare different backends for LDAP?


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