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Re: If I change my ldbm-api, do I have to convert my files?

> From:  Andrew J Cosgriff <ajc@polydistortion.net>
> Date:  11 Aug 2000 13:14:05 +1000
> Chris Garrigues wrote :
> > I thought I'd change my database from db2 to gdbm to see if that solved m
> y 
> > problem, but I don't know how to migrate my database if I do so.
> 0) stop the server and backup your openldap db directory in case
>    anything really bad happens.
> 1) ldbmcat /var/lib/openldap/id2entry.dbb > mydb.ldif
> 2) install your new binaries compiled with gdbm
> 3) ldif2ldbm -i mydb.ldif
> 4) start the server and see what happens

Except for having to rebuild my indices, that was basically it and my problem 
seems to really be solved this time (I hope).

So, in summary, what I've done is to rebuild openldap to use both pth and gdbm 
instead of linuxthreads and db2, and I've rebuilt my databases.  (or, more 
accurately, I'm going to be rebuilding the databases on all my servers through 
the rest of the day by hand because I'm kinda scared of trying to automate 
this since all my automation stuff tends to rely on ldap working.


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